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Our Mission

To honor our mandate, we advocate for and empower Market residents, artisans, farmers, businesses, buskers, and those facing the greatest challenges in the Market community.  The Constituency works to keep Market management responsible and accountable.  We are a strong voice on the PDA Council, at City Council, at the Mayor's office and beyond.

​​Our organization supports the PDA's Charter mandate and the work of the Pike Place Market Historical Commission to preserve the historic nature of the Market going forward.


In 1907, Seattle City Councilman Thomas Revelle dedicated the Market to the Public: 


“The Market is yours. I dedicate it to you and may it prove of benefit to you and your children. It is for you to protect, defend, and uphold and it is for you to see that those who occupy it treat you fairly. …


This is one of the greatest days in the history of Seattle.”

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