Constituency Elections - Every Vote Counts!

The Pike Place Market Constituency continues to be the best way for members of the Market community and the public to hold Market management accountable and to advocate on behalf of the craftspeople, farmers, merchants, residents, buskers and the most marginalized groups at the Market. The Constituency is a public advisory group to the PDA.  Of the PDA Council's twelve members, four are elected by the Constituency, four are appointed by the mayor, and four are appointed by the PDA Council. 


The annual Constituency election is held every year in July at the Market.  On election day, all Constituency members must show a government-issued photo I.D.  The Constituency Bylaws require membership in our organization for thirty days to be eligible to vote in Constituency elections and for an entire year to be eligible to stand for election to the positions of Constituency chair, vice-chair and PDA Council representative.



At our most recent election in September 2021, the following individuals were elected to the Constituency Board:

Chair:  Adora Lopez

Vice-Chair:  Jerry Baroh

Secretary/Treasurer:  Bruce Rutledge

At-large position:  David Ott

At-large position:  Joan Paulson

PDA Council Representative:  Russell Monroe


Section 1.
Election of Constituency officers shall be held annually at the July regular meeting of the Constituency. The Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson shall be elected in even numbered years: The Secretary-Treasurer shall be elected in odd numbered years. Two officers at large shall be elected each year.

Section 2.
One Constituency appointment to the Council of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) shall be made annually at the July regular meeting of the Constituency.

Section 3.
Officers and the person selected for appointment to the PDA Council shall be elected from a list of nominees recommended by the Nominating Committee. Candidates may also be nominated by petition of the members of the Constituency, and nominations from the floor shall be permitted.

Section 4.
The duties of the Nominating Committee shall be as follows:
a. To prepare a candidates' packet which shall include appropriate references to the candidates' responsibilities to the Constituency as well as the major concerns of the Market Community.
b. To consider the needs of the Market Community as a whole in identifying candidates.
c. To consider the suggestions of the officer responsible for the election in identifying candidates.
d. To validate signatures on petitions from candidates wishing to be nominated by petition.

Section 5.
To be nominated by petition a potential candidate must present to the Nominating Committee, at least one week in advance of the election, a petition in support of his or her nomination signed by at least twenty members in good standing of the Constituency.
a. After determining the validity of the names on the petition, and in advance of the election meeting, the Nominating Committee shall notify the potential candidate that he or she is eligible to have their name on the ballot.

Section 6.
Responsibility for conducting elections and monitoring Constituency membership records shall rest with a two person team consisting of the Vice-Chairperson in odd numbered years and the Secretary-Treasurer in even numbered years, together with one other Constituent member chosen by that officer with the concurrence of the Executive Committee.

Section 7.
The officer responsible for conducting an election shall draft election guidelines for approval by the members of the Constituency at the regular meeting, prior to the election meeting. The guidelines shall include by not limited to the following:
a. The type of disclosure information, as defined by law, required of the candidates.
b. Electioneering practices.
c. Selection of an election monitor.
d. Annual instructions to the Nominating Committee suggesting specific needs or criteria which should be considered in the choice of candidate.

Section 8.
The role of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA) in Constituency elections.
a. No officer, official, employee or volunteer of the PDA may use, or authorize the use of any facilities of the PDA, directly or indirectly, for the purpose of assisting a campaign for election or appointment of any person to the Constituency or the PDA Council. Facilities of the PDA include, but are not limited to, the use of supplies, postage and equipment, the use of employees of the PDA during work hours, and the use of vehicles and office space.
b. Publications of the PDA, clientele and/or organizations served by the PDA, shall be available equally, at cost, to all candidates. The officers, officials, employees and volunteers of the PDA may respond to requests from the candidates for information relevant to the election process.
c. Officers, officials, employees and volunteers of the PDA shall conduct themselves during the election campaigns in accordance with Section 3.110.560 ("Prohibited Conduct") of the Municipal Code of the City of Seattle Public Corporations Ordinance, specifically, "no current corporate official or employee shall…engage in any transaction or activity which is, or would to a reasonable person appear to be, in conflict with or incompatible with the proper discharge of official duties…etc."
d. No provision of this section shall be interpreted to restrict, proscribe, or preclude the free expression of opinion by any officer, official, employee or volunteer of the PDA, regarding any Constituency election.



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