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Constituency History

The Pike Place Market Constituency was created in 1973 as part of the Pike Place Market Preservation and Development Authority (PDA), chartered by the Seattle City Council to manage and operate the Market. The PDA is overseen by the 12-member PDA Council, four members of which the Constituency provides. The Constituency works to keep Market management responsible and accountable and acts as an advisory and lobbying group to the PDA, PDA Council, Seattle City Council, and Mayor. The Constituency also supports the Pike Place Market Historical Commission's work to preserve the character of the Market.


The Constituency carries out our mandate of representing the public's voice at the Market by meeting monthly and being actively involved in matters that protect the Market - its operation and preservation. We continue to be a strong voice with the PDA, PDA Council, Seattle City Council, the Mayor's office and beyond — advocating for Pike Place Market craftspeople, artisans, farmers, merchants, buskers, residents, and those facing the greatest challenges in the Market community. 

The Constituency operates according to its own Bylaws and in accordance with the PDA Charter and Rules and Regulations, city ordinances, public meetings and public records laws.


Of the PDA Council's twelve members, four are elected by the Constituency, four are appointed by the mayor, and four are appointed by the PDA Council.  The Constituency elects one member to the PDA Council each year.

Constituency Leadership

Chair: Chris Scott

Vice Chair: Bob Braun

Secretary-Treasurer: Bruce Rutledge


Constituency PDA Council Representatives: Gina Karaba, Gordie McIntyre, Russell Monroe, Nick Setten 


Officers-at-Large: Jerry Baroh, Jonathan Berner, Zekaryas Gebrekidan, Alex Rasmussen 

My feeling is and always has been that the victory for the people of Seattle in keeping the market through a popular vote is a tribute to the people themselves.  It could not have happened without the participation of everyone involved and to them should go the thanks, not to any one person.

    Victor Steinbrueck

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