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Thank you for your continued interest in and support of the Constituency, especially during the past year in the midst of the pandemic when many of you were struggling to survive, literally and figuratively, and in 2021 — the 50th anniversary of the Save the Market Initiative. 

We celebrate and embrace the 50th anniversary of the public-driven effort to stop the demolition of the treasured Pike Place Market by developers who planned to replace the historic district with a hotel, office buildings, and a parking lot.  For those who cherish the Market:  History has a way of repeating itself unless we remain vigilant and work together to protect the entire Market Historic District.  Reflecting on the initiative spearheaded by her husband, Victor Steinbrueck, Marjorie Nelson Steinbrueck declared in the Market Sketchbook 25th Anniversary Edition by Victor Steinbrueck: “…the market initiative victory of 1971…saved not just one or two renovated buildings but an entire community.  The initiative won a seven-acre historic district and set up an historic commission to oversee additions and changes."

Enacted in1971, the Save the Market Initiative legislated the official role of the "public" in the participation of the Market, PDA and PDA Council via the establishment of the Constituency and directives as listed in our Bylaws (see our Bylaws below).  In order to preserve these rights, we encourage you to actively participate by exercising your voice to ensure the Market is serving the public's interest by renewing your membership or joining the Constituency in 2021, to vote in our elections, and to communicate your concerns to and engage leaders to help forge solutions at the Market.

We are aware of the massive impact the COVID-19 emergency is having on the Market community including the craftspeople, tenants, merchants, farmers, and the self-employed. We continue to advocate for and inform our members of the many resources that may help our community members sustain themselves during the pandemic and to rebuild once the Market opens up more broadly.

Over the past year, despite the pandemic, we have continued to reinvigorate the Constituency, and we hope you will join us in our renewal efforts. In 2020, we advocated for rent reductions for Market merchants; we contributed to the decision to grant landmark status to the Hahn Building; we held a special election in March and our annual election in September; our office is staffed several days each week; we are monitoring the waterfront, street car and other municipal projects, etc. Our work is not done, however, and we welcome your help.

As your schedule allows, we look forward to your participation at our monthly meetings and upcoming events to help us forge solutions to the many challenges ahead facing the Market community. Our meetings are held on the third Tuesday and last Thursday of every month. We are still using Zoom as a meeting platform, with credentials being sent out in our monthly notifications prior to the meetings.  Constituency members are notified of monthly General Assembly and Executive Committee meetings by their preference of either e-mail or snail mail. 

The Constituency Bylaws require membership for thirty days in order to be eligible to vote in annual Constituency elections, and for an entire year in order to be eligible to stand for election to the positions of Constituency chair, vice-chair and PDA Council representative.

To renew your membership, please complete the form below and submit it along with the membership dues in one of the following ways.  The amount due for a one-year membership is still just $1.00 and runs from May 1, 2021 - April 30, 2022. You may also pay in advance for membership in future years at $1.00 per year.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  It is very important that the registration form be filled out in a legible manner in order to receive our notices and newsletters each month. If you are not receiving our meeting notices and newsletters, please make sure we have your current email and/or physical address on file.  Email us at to confirm your email and/or physical address on file is correct.  It is each member's responsibility to ensure we have her/his correct information.

Options for Registration and Renewal

1. Print, complete, and sign the membership registration card below, scan or take a photo of it and send it to us at the following email address: If you e-mail the registration form, please submit the required dues along with your name to our mailing address below, to one of our board members, or at the PDA office;

2. You can submit the completed and signed registration form and funds to one of our board members;

3. When the PDA office at 85 Pike Street, Room 500 is open, retrieving and submitting the registration form and dues at the front desk is another option;

4. Finally, mailing a hard copy of the registration form along with the dues (cash or check) to our address is also an option:


Pike Place Market Constituency
1501 Pike Place #328
Seattle, WA 98101

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