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A Message from the Bylaws Committee

Below is a message from the Bylaws Review Committee Chair, Christine Vaughan. I've attached a copy of the committee's work here so you can review all the suggestions and edits they have made to the Constituency's bylaws. This is the first bylaws update in nearly 20 years. Please have a look and let us know your thoughts. We will be discussing and voting on the committee's work at our April 19th General Membership meeting. -- Bruce Rutledge, Treasurer/Secretary

Thank you for entrusting the Bylaw Review Committee with the task of providing a draft of revised bylaws for Membership consideration. The committee has now completed its work, per the timeline established by resolution at the February General Membership Meeting.

Thanks, too, to those Constituency members who provided input on the work product, both at the meeting and by email. At its final work session, the committee considered each suggestion. Some were incorporated; some not. If there are questions about the decision-making process, details will be happily provided at the next General Membership Meeting.

The committee noted the desire for more information about the hierarchy of authority, election details, and the history of the Market; but felt this would be better provided in accompanying documents, rather than in the bylaws themselves. Samples of both an appendix-type document and an elections procedure document will be forthcoming.

The committee hopes that the draft bylaws—provided here to meet the requirement for 30-day notice—will meet with membership approval and will be accepted by the membership voting at the April 19th General Membership Meeting.

Christine Vaughan

For the Bylaws Review/Revision Committee

Download PDF • 135KB

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