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Bylaws Committee crafting new recommendations

The Bylaws Committee has been hard at work combing through the Constituency bylaws to offer edits and recommended changes for the first time since 2003. The committee has been meeting on Wednesday mornings in the Pike Place Bar & Grill since late October, cleaning up typos and grammatical mistakes and suggesting ways to make the bylaws relevant for 2022 and beyond. Attached is a draft of the Committee's work through December 15, 2021.

The attached document is a work in progress. After several more meetings (which will be broadcast live via Zoom), a special feedback session with Constituency members (date TBD) and a subsequent meeting to discuss the feedback, the Committee will present a final document for the Constituency members to consider.

We'll be updating you as the schedule becomes clearer. We look forward to your feedback and to vigorous discussion about the bylaws as we build an evermore robust Constituency and Market community.

Download PDF • 283KB

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